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About the Christian Projects Grant Programme

When our founder Henry Smith died in 1628 he left a detailed Will.  It established our charity and expressed a range of charitable objectives.  These objectives included funds set aside for "the relief and maintenance of Godly Preachers and for the better furtherance or promotion of knowledge and religion".  Today we spend some of the money allocated to this particular purpose on projects that explicitly promote the Christian faith.  We value projects that explicitly set out to nurture and grow people's journey in Christian faith and grow churches.  We generally support projects that come from a Church of England context or that are fully ecumenical.

We prioritise projects that closely fit our four priorities.

You can find out about our Christian Projects Grant Programme priorities in the What We Fund section below.

What We Fund

We have four priority areas in the Christian Projects Grant Programme

  Priority 1 Meeting the spiritual needs of older people, including those with Alzheimer's
  Priority 2 Meeting the spiritual needs of those with a learning disability and those who have cognitive impairments
  Priority 3 Reaching out to the unchurched - especially young people and young families - by nurturing their spiritual interest and well-being
  Priority 4 Projects which support and care for Anglican clergy at times of acute need

These priorities all have equal weighting, no one is more important than another.  If you are considering applying, check that your project strongly fits one of these priorities.  If your project fits more than one priority that's OK too, but fitting multiple priorities isn't a requirement.

If you are applying under Priority 3 - reaching out to the unchurched:

  • we are looking for projects which are primarily and explicitly about promoting the Christian faith, that lead to tangible progress and growth in people's faith journeys and that lead directly to church growth.
  • we are not looking for projects motivated by Christian faith that are delivering social action, such as: general community outreach work, work focussed on reducing poverty and inequality or enhancing community cohesion.

We prioritise smaller organisations and are unlikely to provide funding to organisations with an income of over £1 million.

What We Don't Fund

  • Work that will take place overseas.
  • Capital grants of any sort.  This includes repairs or works on church buildings (unless you are a building of English national significance, in which case you may be considered should the work fit our other priorities.  You should call us to discuss this).
  • Work whose sole focus is heritage or conservation.
  • Grants to individuals, or to other causes, that will benefit only one person, including student grants or bursaries.
  • Residentials or holidays.
  • Social action projects.  This Programme does not fund projects motivated by Christian faith that are delivering social action, such as: general community outreach work, work focussed on reducing poverty and inequality, or enhancing community cohesion.
  • Applications for less than £10,000.

Examples of Projects We've Funded

This list features grants made over the year to 18 months.

Godly Play UK towards three years' costs of developing a national church-led programme to support the spiritual wellbeing of older people in care homes, day centre and end-of-life care settings   £20,000
Stockton Parish Church towards one year's continuation funding of a Community Worker to continue and expand the existing work within the parish and across the town centre area   £23,500
St Stephen's Church towards one year's salary and on costs of a Mission Enabler that works with the local community by reaching out and supporting families in reducing social isolation and sharing the gospel in a way that is relevant to them   £12,600
Big Church Day Out towards three years' funding towards the costs of developing a Big Church Day Out in the North of the UK where people can connect powerfully with God   £50,000
Centenary Project towards three years' salary and on costs of two part-time Centenary Project Workers to engage with children and young people in deprived communities within the Diocese of Sheffield   £24,000
St Luke's Healthcare for the Clergy towards one years' running costs of a clergy wellbeing programme aimed at providing tools and strategies to help clergy take care of themselves and stop them getting to the stage where they need expert help to resolve a crisis   £24,000
Leading Your Church into Growth towards one years' salary and on costs of a National Director at an organisation that offers training, equipping, inspiration and renewal to church leaders, churches and dioceses   £30,000
Transforming Communities Together towards two years' salary and on costs of three part-time posts at a project that aims to enable churches within the Diocese of Lichfield to nurture the spiritual, physical, social and emotional well-being of those living with dementia and their carers   £40,000
24-7 Prayer towards one year's salary and on costs of a Prayer Spaces in Schools Support Officer who will help run prayer spaces in schools across the UK   £35,000
e:merge towards two years' salary and on costs of the Coordinator for a faith exploration programme that works with young people from Bradford   £27,000
Attend towards two years' salary and on costs of a Spiritual Care Advisor who will develop links with faith based communities to create a volunteer-led spiritual care programme in five care homes, tailored for residents in care homes living with dementia   £34,100

Applying for Funding

Before applying:

To make your application you will need to:

You might find it helpful to know:

  • Trustees meet three times a year to consider grant applications. 
  • Applications can be submitted at any time during the year, there are no deadlines.
  • If you have any questions about the application process, please check the FAQs or contact us at

What will happen to my application?

  • Receipt of your application will be acknowledged by email, so please make sure you provide us with up to date email contact details.
  • Our Trustees will consider your application at their next available meeting.  They meet three times a year.
  • We may take up to five months to provide you with a final decision.
  • You may be contacted for further information at any point in the assessment process, and Trustees may want us to send an assessor to gather further information before a decision is taken as to whether to fund.
  • We will contact you in writing once a decision has been made by our Trustees.
  • Applicants who are unsuccessful will receive feedback on why their application was not successful.
  • If your application is unsuccessful you will have to wait 12 months before you will be eligible to reapply to any of our grant programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What if my application is declined?

Applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified in writing and are required to wait a minimum of 12 months from the date of notification before reapplying.

Q. Is there a limit to the size of request?

Technically there is no upper limit, however, it is not advisable to make very large requests as, due to the restrictions on our budget, large grants are unlikely to be awarded.  The lower limit on size of request is £10,000.

Q. How many years' funding can I apply for?

Technically up to three years but, due to the limited capacity of our budget, grants are most usually awarded for one or two years.  Grants for three years are only rarely awarded.

Q. Are there deadlines?


Q.  Can I apply to the Christian Projects Grant Programme at the same time as applying to another of your grant programmes?

No.  Organisations cannot have more than one active application or active grant from us at a time.

Q.  I already have a grant from the Christian Projects Grant Programme, can I reapply?

Please telephone us to discuss this; you can call Genevieve Ford-Saville, the Christian Projects Grant Programme Manager on 020 7264 4976.


Downloadable Application Documents

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Application Form - Word

Application Guidance Notes - PDF

We recommend that you save the Application Form onto your computer before starting to complete it (select the “save” option when downloading).


Reporting Requirements for Christian Projects Grants Programme

  • If you receive a grant through our Christian Projects Grants Programme you will need to submit a completed Progress Report Form in each year that you receive a grant from us.
  • Reports are due six months after you receive your grant payment. Progress Report Forms can be downloaded using the links below.
  • We recommend that you save the Progress Report Form onto your computer before starting to complete it (select the “save” option when downloading).

Christian Projects Grant Programme - Revenue Grant Progress Report Form - Word





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