Kindred Grants


When Henry Smith died in 1628 he left funds to help his “poor kindred”, by which he meant descendants of his sister, who were in financial need. He did not have any children of his own. The Kindred Scheme is still in operation and, in 2014, grants were made to 195 kindred registered with us.


Individuals are eligible to register as kindred if they can prove that they are a direct descendant of, or adopted by, one of the kindred previously registered (with certain date restrictions). From June 2013, following agreement with the Charity Commission, the previous requirement for descendants of kindred to be born to married parents no longer applies. The onus is on the individual to prove their descent. If they are unable to do so, their request for registration may be declined. 


Under the scheme, kindred in financial need can apply for assistance. Grants to date include regular financial support to kindred of retirement age on low incomes, general financial assistance to those on low incomes, training to equip young people for employment, and grants for white goods.


Student Scheme

Students taking first degrees at UK universities who are registered with us as kindred may be eligible for a grant from The Henry Smith Charity.  Please contact the office for details of the scheme.



For registration, or to apply for assistance, please contact the Kindred Team by email on or by phone on 020 7264 4979 or 020 7264 4980.  

Please download and read the Frequently Asked Questions document below before contacting us.

Kindred applying for assistance are required to complete a form and provide details of their current financial situation. Requests for assistance are considered by the Kindred Trustees and any support is granted at their discretion.

Kindred - Frequently Asked Questions

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