County Grants - How to Apply


Applications must be made using the County Grants application form. This can be downloaded from the bottom of the County Grants page.

Please ensure that all sections of the application form are fully completed; it is not sufficient to answer “see attached documents” to questions.

You may enclose additional information, but this should not exceed two A4 pages. Please do not send booklets, copies of your organisation’s policies or electronic media such as DVDs.

Please keep your application as simple as possible and avoid the use of technical terms, acronyms and jargon.

If an application is unsigned or incomplete it may be declined or returned to you unread. Please ensure you enclose two copies of your application form and two copies of all the documents and information we ask you for.

Application forms must be accompanied by two copies of your most recent audited or independently inspected accounts, and

Two copies of detailed budget for the project.

If you are requesting funding over more than one year your budget must reflect this. Please set out costings for each year of the project in separate columns.

If your request is partly or wholly for salary costs, please ensure that the salary element of your budget is broken down as follows:

  • Salary
  • National Insurance
  • Pension (if applicable)

This is particularly important when requesting a two or three year grant. We are able to consider reasonable salary increases to account for inflation.  If you would like us to consider annual salary increases, please make sure these are clearly identified in your budget, and state the % increase you are requesting.

Explain from where the balance of funds will be/has been raised if you are applying to us for part-funding.

Describe your fundraising strategy for the project. This should include details of the funds you have secured and applications pending.

Please also provide a projected expenditure budget for your organisation as a whole for the coming 12 months and tell us from where the balance of funds will be/has been raised.

If your request is for a salary, you must include two copies of the Job Description for the post.

We reserve the right to share with other grant makers information received from applicants requesting funding and from those in receipt of funding from us, unless an organisation expressly requests otherwise. Knowingly providing false information will invalidate any application or grant.


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