Holiday Grants for Children


Guidelines for 2017

The purpose of the Holiday Grants programme is to provide access to recreational trips or holidays for groups of children who experience disadvantage or who have disabilities. In particular we are interested in contributing to trips that would not take place without our funding.

Who can apply and what sort of trips do you fund?

Schools, youth groups, not for profit organisations and charities are all eligible to apply.

Applications can be made for grants towards a single trip, which could be a day trip or a longer residential of up to seven days in length. This could be to a countryside or city location but must be outside of the children’s immediate locality. Examples include camping, trips to adventure activity centres or the seaside.

If you are planning a day trip please ensure it does not involve a disproportionate amount of time spent travelling.

Grants are only available to support children who are aged 13 and under.

It is very important to us that our funds are targeted at children experiencing disadvantage. By this, we mean those who are located in an area of high deprivation, according to the National Indices of Deprivation. In particular we are interested in funding trips for children in geographical areas that fall within the bottom 20% of these indices. We are also interested in assisting those children who do not have any contributions towards the costs of the trip from their parent/s or carer/s.

Please note that sometimes we do consider applications for groups of children living in deprived circumstances within more affluent areas. In this case, it is essential that the need for support is clearly explained.

For groups of children with disabilities, we are able to be more flexible regarding the level of deprivation, although we still do take it into account as one factor in our overall assessment.

You may find it helpful to look at the following websites for more information about deprivation statistics in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How much can we apply for?

We award grants of between £500 and £2,500 only.

We are able to fund a maximum of two-thirds of the total cost of a holiday or trip as we expect some of the funding to be raised elsewhere. Please note that if we are able to make a grant towards your organisation, we may not be able to award you the full amount requested.

It is important to us that no child be excluded on financial grounds from a trip we are supporting.

When can we apply?

Applications will be considered based on the date of the trip as shown below:

Date/s of Trip Dates when Applications Considered
1 February - 30 April 2017 

Applications accepted   24 November 2016 - 17 March 2017  

CLOSED.  All funds for this period have been allocated.

1 May - 30 June 2017  

Applications accepted   1 March 2017 - 19 May 2017

CLOSED.  All funds for this period have been allocated.

1 July - 31 August 2017 

Applications accepted   2 May 2017 - 21 July 2017

1 September - 31 December 2017  

Applications accepted   3 July 2017 - 17 November 2017

We must receive your application at least 6 weeks before the date of the trip to allow for administrative processing and decision making.

What don’t you fund?

  • Trips outside of the UK
  • Trips to theme parks or similar high cost attractions
  • Trips for children over the age of 13
  • Multiple trips with the same group of children
  • Trips with a focus on education rather than fun
  • Trips for families
  • Trips for individual children
  • Organisations that provide Children’s Holidays
  • The running costs of play or holiday schemes
  • Trips that have already taken place
  • Trips to pantomimes

Useful Information

Each application is considered on its own merits, but demand for our grants is very high and always exceeds the budget available. We cannot guarantee that each application will be successful. Decisions are made on a first come-first served basis (within the application periods stated) until funds are spent.

We are able to provide funding for a maximum of two consecutive calendar years. After this, you will need to wait for a further two calendar years before being eligible to re-apply.

If you already have a current grant through one of our other programmes you cannot apply to the Holiday Grants programme until it is finished.

Please also note that if your organisation applies for a holiday grant and is declined, you will need to wait until the next calendar year before being eligible to apply to any of our other grant programmes.

You must be able to demonstrate that your organisation has a financial need for support.

If a grant is awarded, you must submit a report via your online account. If a report is not submitted or it fails to cover the questions asked, we will not be able to consider further requests for funding.

You must be able to provide a copy of your most recent audited or independently inspected accounts or, if you are applying from a school, your most recent Ofsted report.

Information about how to apply, a link to our online application system, a sample copy of our application form, guidelines and links to our Frequently Asked Questions about applying and submitting progress reports can be found at the bottom of our How to Apply page.


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