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This page features grants made over the past three years through the following grant programmes; Main Grants Programme, Small Grants Programme (Small and County Grants) and Holiday Grants for Disadvantaged Children.

Please note that these grants were made before our guidelines changed in 2016, and may not reflect our current grantmaking guidelines.

The list of grants can be filtered using single or multiple criteria - for example, you can display all grants made in Scotland, or all Revenue Grants made in the South East for between £50,000 and £99,000.  Filters are added by selecting criteria from the drop down menus on each tab, and are removed by clicking on the red crosses.  The system can be reset completely by clicking on new search.


189 grants found. Total: £10,547,800

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198 Contemporary Arts and Learning£64,800
Young PeopleLondon12 Jun 2014
towards three years' salaries of Trainers at a project which provides employment pathways and opportunities for unemployed young people in the London Borough of Lambeth
20 Stories High£77,800
Young PeopleNorth West17 Sep 2015
towards three years' salaries of the Participation Coordinator and Participation Support Worker at a youth theatre project for disadvantaged young people in Liverpool
4Youth (formerly Youth Club Hampshire & Isle of Wight)£19,600
Young PeopleSouth East11 Sep 2014
towards two years' running costs of a project that provides youth development activities to disadvantaged young people in Hampshire
A Place to be Youth Group£2,000
Young PeopleSouth East3 Dec 2015
towards one year's running costs of a project providing support services to disadvantaged young people in Surrey
Abijah Trust£1,000
Young PeopleSouth East12 Jun 2014
towards one year's running costs of an after-school project for disadvantaged children in Portsmouth
Action For Achievement£69,600
Young PeopleNorth West4 Dec 2014
towards two years' continuation funding of the running costs, including the salary of the Manager, for a charity providing youth work on a deprived estate in Liverpool
AHOY Centre£80,800
Young PeopleLondon9 Mar 2017
towards two years' salary of two part-time posts providing additional support and mentoring to vulnerable young people at a sailing and water-based project in London
Alnwick Young Peoples Association (Gallery Youth)£7,800
Young PeopleNorth East13 Nov 2014
towards one year's running costs of a project in Northumberland that supports young people into training and employment
Alnwick Young Peoples Association (Gallery Youth)£6,000
Young PeopleNorth East3 Nov 2016
towards one year's running costs of a project providing support to vulnerable young people in Northumberland
Amble Youth Project£4,000
Young PeopleNorth East5 Jun 2014
towards one year's salary of the Project Manager at a youth project in a deprived area of Newcastle upon Tyne

189 grants found. Total: £10,547,800

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