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This page features grants made over the past three years through the following grant programmes; Main Grants Programme, Small Grants Programme (Small and County Grants) and Holiday Grants for Disadvantaged Children.

Please note that these grants were made before our guidelines changed in 2016, and may not reflect our current grantmaking guidelines.

The list of grants can be filtered using single or multiple criteria - for example, you can display all grants made in Scotland, or all Revenue Grants made in the South East for between £50,000 and £99,000.  Filters are added by selecting criteria from the drop down menus on each tab, and are removed by clicking on the red crosses.  The system can be reset completely by clicking on new search.


146 grants found. Total: £4,306,609

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1st Hartlepool Girls Brigade£1,000
Holiday GrantsNorth East14 May 2014
towards a 10-day trip to Yorkshire for a group of disadvantaged children from Hartlepool
1st Silkworth Brownies£1,400
Holiday GrantsNorth East18 Mar 2015
towards a three-night residential trip to an activity camp in County Durham for a group of girls from a disadvantaged area of Sunderland
700 Club£93,000
HomelessnessNorth East3 Dec 2015
towards three years' running costs of a project providing short term accommodation to people who are homeless or in housing need in Darlington, County Durham
A Way Out£1,000
Holiday GrantsNorth East5 Jan 2015
towards a two-night residential trip to an adventure centre for a group of disadvantaged children from Stockton-on-Tees
Action Foundation£85,000
Refugees & Asylum SeekersNorth East12 Jun 2014
towards three years' continuation funding of the running costs of a project providing support and accommodation for vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees at risk of homelessness in the North East
Age UK Darlington£72,900
Older PeopleNorth East26 May 2015
towards two years' continuation funding of a befriending service at a project providing support, activities and day care for older and disabled people in Darlington
Age UK Gateshead£87,000
Older PeopleNorth East8 Sep 2016
towards three years' salary of a Project Co-ordinator at a project providing befriending networks and activities for older people in Gateshead
Age UK South Tyneside£86,600
Older PeopleNorth East12 Jun 2014
towards three years' salary of the Information and Advice Officer at a project providing information, advice and support to older people in South Tyneside
Age UK Sunderland£95,000
Older PeopleNorth East13 Oct 2016
towards two years' running costs of the 'Friends and Neighbours' project for older people in care homes in Tyne & Wear
Alington House Community Association£7,600
Disadvantaged CommunitiesNorth East18 Nov 2015
towards one year's running costs of a project providing community development and integration services in County Durham

146 grants found. Total: £4,306,609

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