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This page features grants made over the past three years through the following grant programmes; Main Grants Programme, Small Grants Programme (Small and County Grants) and Holiday Grants for Disadvantaged Children.

Please note that these grants were made before our guidelines changed in 2016, and may not reflect our current grantmaking guidelines.

The list of grants can be filtered using single or multiple criteria - for example, you can display all grants made in Scotland, or all Revenue Grants made in the South East for between £50,000 and £99,000.  Filters are added by selecting criteria from the drop down menus on each tab, and are removed by clicking on the red crosses.  The system can be reset completely by clicking on new search.


53 grants found. Total: £2,369,140

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EACH Counselling & Support£98,800
Black & Minority EthnicLondon8 Sep 2016
towards two years' running costs of a project in the London Borough of Ealing that helps women recover from inter-related complex needs of substance misuse, mental health and domestic abuse
Eagles Wing Mutual Support Group for Asylum Seekers and Refugees£37,500
Refugees & Asylum SeekersNorth West8 Sep 2016
towards three years' continuation funding for the running costs of a project in Lancashire providing activities, advice and support for asylum seekers, refugees and local people
Eardley Primary School£2,500
Holiday GrantsLondon1 Apr 2015
towards a series of trips to Ashdown Forest for groups of disadvantaged children from London
Early Break£88,400
Drugs Alcohol & Substance MisuseNorth West10 Mar 2016
towards three years' salary of a Children's Worker at a project providing substance related treatment and support to young people in a deprived area of Lancashire
Earthworks Trust Ltd£5,000
Young PeopleSouth East3 Dec 2015
towards one year's running costs of the 'Alternative Education Programme', providing support services to disadvantaged young people in Hampshire
East Africa Community Centre£2,130
Holiday GrantsScotland1 Apr 2015
towards a three-night trip to London for a group of disadvantaged children from Glasgow
East Anglian Sailing Trust£6,000
DisabilityEastern16 Mar 2015
towards one year's running costs of a project in Suffolk providing sailing opportunities for disabled people
East Belfast Independent Advice Centre£80,000
Disadvantaged CommunitiesNorthern Ireland11 Jun 2015
towards two years' salary of the Community Advice and Training Project Co-Ordinator a project providing advice and training for people in a disadvantaged area of East Belfast
East Community Transport - Waltham Forest/Newham£1,250
Holiday GrantsLondon12 Jul 2016
towards a day trip to the seaside for a group of young carers from the London Borough of Waltham Forest
East Cumbria Family Support Association£75,000
Family ServicesNorth West8 Sep 2016
towards three years' continuation funding of the running costs of a project in Cumbria that supports families and their children build emotional resilience

53 grants found. Total: £2,369,140

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