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This page features grants made over the past three years through the following grant programmes; Main Grants Programme (Revenue and Capital Grants), Small Grants Programme (Small and County Grants) and Holiday Grants for Disadvantaged Children.

The list of grants can be filtered using single or multiple criteria - for example, you can display all grants made in Scotland, or all Revenue Grants made in the South East for between £50,000 and £99,000.  Filters are added by selecting criteria from the drop down menus on each tab, and are removed by clicking on the red crosses.  The system can be reset completely by clicking on new search.

The data will be updated quarterly after each Distribution Committee Meeting.


27 grants found. Total: £1,476,350

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Adoption UK£700
Holiday GrantsNorthern Ireland29 Feb 2012
towardsa family day trip for a group of adopted children from Northern Ireland
CarersNorthern Ireland13 Mar 2014
towards three years' salary of a Carer Advocate at a project in Belfast that supports the carers of people with enduring mental illness
Council for the Homeless (NI)£84,700
HomelessnessNorthern Ireland12 Jun 2014
towards three years' salary of the Development Officer at FareShare NI, a project tackling food poverty across Northern Ireland
Dunnaman Children's Centre£2,000
Holiday GrantsNorthern Ireland9 May 2012
towards a series of day trips during the summer for a group of children from a disadvantaged area of Co. Down
ECF Links Ltd£70,200
Young PeopleNorthern Ireland7 Dec 2011
towards three years' continuation funding of the salary and related costs of a Youth Support Worker at a community project in County Armagh
Edge Youth Centre£50,000
Young PeopleNorthern Ireland5 Dec 2012
towards three years' running costs of a cross community youth project for 11-14 year olds in County Down
Hands That Talk£35,000
DisabilityNorthern Ireland7 Dec 2011
towards two years' salaries of the Information Officer, Caretaker and Cleaner posts at an organisation that provides services to the Deaf community in the north-west of Northern Ireland
Home-Start Down District£60,000
Family ServicesNorthern Ireland14 Mar 2012
towards three years' core costs of a Home-Start in a deprived area of Co. Down
Home-Start Newry & Mourne£36,000
Family ServicesNorthern Ireland12 Sep 2012
towards three years’ running costs of the Kilkeel Family Group for parents of disadvantaged pre-school children in County Down
Home-Start North Down£19,800
Family ServicesNorthern Ireland28 Nov 2011
towards three years' running costs of an outreach project for hard to reach families in a deprived area of Northern Ireland

27 grants found. Total: £1,476,350

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