Revenue Grants - How to Apply


Revenue grants can be used to fund running costs, salaries and/or project costs.

Applications for Revenue grants can be submitted at any time, provided that

  • you do not already have an active grant from us;
  • we are not already assessing an application from your organisation to one of our other programmes; and
  • if you applied previously and were unsuccessful, that more than 12 months has passed since you received your declination letter.

To apply you must complete our application form.  The application form, and a PDF document containing the help text for each question to help you complete the application form with the information we need, is available to download from the Downloadable Documents section of the Main Grants Programme - Revenue Grants page.

There are no deadlines.

Mail shots or general requests for donations will not be considered. 

Your application should clearly and concisely describe the work your organisation undertakes, your track record, what evidence you have that your work is effective, and provide details of the project or activities you are asking us to fund.  It is also important that you demonstrate an awareness of and engagement with any changes to legislation or policy which affect your field of work; and provide evidence that you are working with other organisations in your field and geographical area as appropriate.

Please keep your application as simple as possible and avoid the use of technical jargon. Please do not include electronic media (e.g. DVDs) with your application.

Your application must be signed and accompanied by a covering letter on your organisation's headed paper.

Budget and Supporting Documents (these are required in addition to your completed application form)

Budget:  a detailed budget for your project must accompany your application. If you are requesting funding over more than one year your budget must reflect this. Please set out costings for each year of the project in separate columns, as well as including a column that provides totals for each item or area of expenditure.

If your request is partly or wholly for salary costs, please ensure that the salary element of your budget is broken down as follows:

  • Salary
  • National Insurance
  • Pension (if applicable)

This is particularly important when requesting a two or three year grant. We are able to consider reasonable salary increases to account for inflation.  If you would like us to consider annual salary increases, please make sure these are clearly identified in your budget, and state the % rate of the increase you are requesting.

Explain from where the balance of funds will be/has been raised if you are applying to us for part-funding. Examples of budgets can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page of our website.

Job Description:  if the request is for a salary, enclose a job description.

Accounts:  your organisation's most recent audited or independently inspected accounts (full accounts are required, not just a SoFA and Balance Sheet).  If the accounts show a significant surplus or deficit of income, or high reserves, please explain the reason for this in question 32. If the year end date of your accounts is more than 10 months ago, please send up to date management accounts as well as your full accounts.

Please note that we rarely make grants to organisations with incomes of £5million or above.  If your organisation has income of this level please contact us to discuss the detail of your application before you apply.

How Much Can I Apply For?

In 2015 the average Revenue grant awarded was £79,000 (usually spread over either two or three years). Most of our Revenue grants are within the range of £20,000 - £30,000 per year, but are sometimes lower or higher than this. The amount it is appropriate to ask us for depends on the size of your organisation. We never give grants for an organisation’s full running costs, and even as high as 50% is extremely rare.  If you are a small organisation or charity it may be more appropriate for you to apply to us through our County Grants programme if your organisation's work benefits people resident in one of the eight counties covered by this programme.

Details of grants awarded over the past three years can be found on the Recent Grants page of our website. Please contact us for advice if you have queries on this, or any other part of your application.

How is my application assessed?

It will take up to six months to hear the outcome of your application (though applications that are ineligible, or that are not being taken to full assessment stage, will be notified before this). 

For more information about the assessment process for the Main Grants Programme please refer to the Application Process - Main Grants Programme document in the Downloadable Documents section of the Main Grants Programme - Revenue Grants page.

If an application is unsigned or is received without accounts or a budget, it may be declined or returned to you unread.

We cannot guarantee that your application will go to a particular meeting as this is dependent on the number of applications we receive.

Please note that whilst your application may fit our guidelines, a significant number of applications will be unsuccessful due to the high numbers we receive. 

Applicants who are unsuccessful must wait for a minimum of 12 months from the date of notification before re-applying.



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